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How to Use Front Desk

To access Front Desk, go to and click “Log In.” 


(Let us know if you didn't get our welcome email with a link to set up your account.)

To get back to the home screen, click “Your Stuff” on a computer, or “Your Stuff” and then “Your Dashboard” on a phone.

How to Use Autopay
How to Purchase a Lesson Pack

1. Click "Payment Methods" in the right hand menu. (If you're on your phone, click the arrow at the top right to show the menu.)


2.. Choose "Add New Card"


3. Enter your card info and choose "Save."


4. Delete any cards you no longer wish to use.

5. Let your teacher know you'd like to use your stored card for Autopay.

How to Cancel Lessons

1. Choose “Lesson Packs” from the menu. (First tap “Menu” if you’re on your phone.)


2. Click on your desired lesson pack quantity.


3. Click “Add to Cart.”


4. On the “Buying for…” screen, choose “Just one person” or “Multiple people,” and select the student(s) the lesson pay will pay for. Then click “Add to Cart."


5. On the shopping cart screen, click “Secure Checkout.”


6. Choose “PayPal” or “Add a new credit card” from the drop-down menu, or choose your saved card.


7. Click “Finish” to complete your purchase or “Check out with PayPal” to log into your PayPal account.

1. Go to your home screen if you're not already there (see below).


2. Scroll down to see your lesson schedule. Click on the lesson you'd like to cancel.


2. Click “Cancel Registration.”

Let us know if you have any questions.

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