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Fingerprint Music School has 14 teachers and almost 400 students, and is always looking for the right person to be our newest team member. Starting pay is $43/hour.

We offer private music instruction in students’ homes in Seattle and Kansas City. We started in KC in 2006, and have continuously grown ever since. Right now, we're looking for someone to teach in the Brookside, Leawood, Prairie Village, and Overland Park area, where we have about 25 students currently on a waiting list.


Our acclaimed teaching methods are all about customizing instruction for each individual student (i.e. finding their unique “musical fingerprint”). Some students only learn to read sheet music, some only learn to play by ear and/or improvise, and most are somewhere in between. We also encourage students to choose (or write!) their own material. Because of this, we have insanely high levels of student retention and word-of-mouth referrals.


To apply, email and tell me a bit about yourself. Please include your résumé and a link to audio or video demonstrating your skills on both piano and guitar.


(Note: you do not have to be an expert at both piano and guitar; we’re looking for someone with high “musical fluency” that can easily adapt to different instruments and learn new things much quicker than their students.)


Required qualifications:


• Teach at least some guitar and piano.

• Fun personality / able to connect with children.

• Access to a car to drive to student homes.

• Well-developed relative pitch / able to quickly figure out chords and melodies by ear.

• Read music (we don’t require crazy good sight-reading, but you can't suck too bad).

• Music theory knowledge— major/minor scales and their chords, pentatonics, 7th chords, modes, rhythm, etc.

• Willing to teach at least 10 half-hour lessons per week (or as many as 40-50).


Preferred qualificiations:


• Basic familiarity with the bass, drums, vocals from playing in groups.

• Experience with recording software, live performance equipment.

• Basic familiarity with some of the "greatest hits" of different genres, including rock/pop, jazz, classical.


Job duties:


• Drive to students' homes weekly and teach piano, guitar, ukulele, general music.

• Teach mostly kids (usually between 7 and 12), some teens and adults.

• Help students prepare for recitals a couple times per year.

• Form trusting relationships with students and families.

• Use your creativity in tailoring your instruction to keep students excited.


What our teachers love:


• We get students for you with our innovative digital advertising (and word-of-mouth).

• We get you students that are all in the same area to avoid excessive driving.

• Set your own schedule, work on your own, completely unsupervised.

• We’ll train you thoroughly in our acclaimed teaching methods, so you’ll be very prepared from your first lesson on.

• Our website and front office handles the billing, so you almost never have to deal with student payments.

• Super user-friendly website to keep track of your schedule, with automatic email/text reminders sent to students.

• 48 hour cancellation policy to protect your time.

• Super fun recitals multiple times per year at cool local music venues (you get paid for every student of yours that participates).

• Full-time income, part-time schedule.

• Make a really good living hanging out with kids and talking about music… pretty good gig, eh?


Look forward to hearing from you!

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